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Smocking Pleaters

If you are a business and buying to send to Europe - Please provide your EORI number in the comment box

Smocking Pleaters by Read and Princess - Measurements are the box sizes to calculate postage

Read Pleaters come in two different versions:

24 Row Regular - 24 needles spaced at 1 cm apart with half cm spaces across half of the roller width. This model is suitable for most normal pleating applications.

24 Row Maxi - Half cm spacing across the entire width of the roller (47 needles). Half spaces can be used as guidelines when smocking and to improve holding difficult fabrics which tend to bubble. The Maxi can also be used as a Regular pleater (24 needles) by removing the half space needles (every second needle).

Princess Pleater - 24 full space rows and half space rows for the full length of the rods. Specially designed base to integrate perfectly with the Pleater Feeder. Due to the base this pleater is unique to House of Smocking.