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Q. Where am I based?
A. Evesham Worcestershire

Q. Can I buy fabric in less than whole metres?
A. Yes, but because the website does not recognise quantities less than 1, you will need to telephone to place an order.

Q. Which dot size should I choose?
A. The Silver size 'H' dots are good for most fabrics used for dresses, blue dots show up on light fabrics, and Blue wide are pleater compatible. Dots do not work well on the fabrics with a cut spot, Yellow dots show up on dark fabrics like the tartans, use size 'G' for finer fabrics, size 'K' for small projects like dolls clothes or cuffs where you want a half space row

Q. Do the patterns come with dots?
A. No, some have printed dots in them that you trace off, but please refer to the description for each pattern for details of which dots to order.

Q. What is blocking?
A. Blocking is what you do when you have finished your smocking. When your smocking is done you should pin your smocked fabric to your ironing board is best, spread it out to the width you need it to be to fit your pattern, remember you will probably still have the armholes to cut out.  I always cover with a clean tea towel, them pass the steam iron over the smocked area to set your pleats.  Do not press on the fabric. Leave to dry on the ironing  board, then once dry it is ready for making up into whatever your project is.  If you have tricky fabric that does not hold pleats well, then you block the fabric before smocking.


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